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alternative therapies

We have expert therapists trained in alternative therapies such as the ancient technique of Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and HOPI Ear Candle – a natural alternative to Ear syringing.


RRP £35

.An ancient technique involving pressure points, which correspond to bodily systems. Techniques on the feet help to re-balance the body systems, thus improving health and wellbeing. Courses and regular treatments are more beneficial than a one-off treatment.

Duration: 45 Mins


RRP £35

Alleviates stress and promotes emotional wellbeing. Working on the head, neck and shoulders, this thousand-year-old holistic approach to healing is excellent to aid relaxation, and assists with migraines, headaches, tension, stress and overall relaxation.

Duration: 45 Mins

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HOPI EAR CANDLE with Lymphatic Massage

RRP £30

A natural alternative to Ear syringing. Using cotton and bees wax candles, this traditional treatment effectively treats blocked ears, improves sinus problems and helps alleviate headaches and migraines. Includes massages to the sinus areas, helping to drain and relieve pressure in the sinus points. An excellent treatment before flying, to clear the ear canal and prevent problems during flying.

Duration: 45 Mins

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