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Biarritz Pedi-Spa Experience by Carly Adams

TREATMENT: Treatments are performed in your own private room with a luxurious whirlpool foot spa. The heated seat gently massages you during your pedicure and treatment includes finger nail tidy. LED light therapy mask is applied to the eyes during the sumptuous leg massage.


TALK US THROUGH IT: I’ve never really had a Pedi Spa before, so I was a little unsure what to expect, but with summer fast approaching and my feet resembling something of a crocodile, I thought it was much needed.

My lovely therapist Chloe took me through to my own private room, where sat a large armchair. Chloe swivelled the chair round for me to sit in and asked me if I wanted the chair on a massage and heat setting! Ummmm…. YES PLEASE! This armchair is not your average spa pedicure chair, it had the whole works!

spa pedicure chair

There were little bowls of water in the hand rest section of the chair for me to soak my fingers in, to prep them for a file & cuticle tidy up. Chloe asked me to keep my feet out of the water to start with, so I rested them on the stool, she then begun the big task of filing my unsightly feet! Once all my hard skin was removed, it was time to dip my tootsies in the warm bubbling water, which felt amazing and then Chloe started the file & cuticle work on my hands. Next it was back to the feet, first out was my right foot, my nails were filed and Chloe then and sorted out my awful looking cuticles, repeating exactly the same on the left foot.

Chloe then applied a beautiful scrub taking it all the way up past my ankle making sure she didn’t miss a single spot. Then my foot was wrapped in what felt and looked like cling film, I was thinking this is rather odd. Then my entire foot was placed in a little white booty (which resembled something of a Smurfs shoe). My foot started heating up and it felt wonderful! Exactly the same was repeated on the left foot and whilst this is going on, the big armchair was still warm and massaging my back. Chloe then offered me a hot drink, which was very much welcomed and I opted for a good old cup of tea.

biarritz pedi spa experience 2

The next stage was just pure BLISS! With the smurf booty’s and cling film removed, Chloe wiped away the excess scrub with warm mitts, and my feet actually started to look like they belonged to a human being rather than a crocodile! With my feet rested on the stall, Chloe then lowered the back of the chair, so I was laying down more. Next Chloe pulled out a mask which honestly resembled something from Iron Man. It was an LED light therapy mask which gives your skin & eyes a collagen boost. With the mask popped on, Chloe dimmed the lights, and begun to massage my feet and legs!

biarritz pedi spa experience 3

I don’t know how I didn’t fall asleep! Isn’t having your feet massaged like the best thing EVER? Whilst laying there I thought to myself why haven’t I had this done before? It’s a summer must! After the amazing massage, the eye mask was removed and I was popped back into the upright position. Chloe then proceeded to remove all the excess cream from my feet, and begun to prep them for a paint, and my god they needed it! I chose the OPI colour Cajun Shrimp (as you can see from the pictures) It was a beautiful red/coral colour, and very summery!

biarritz pedi spa experience 4

Being somewhat a spa pedicure virgin, I have to say in future I would book this treatment over a normal pedicure any day of the week, the whole experience from start to finish was so relaxing and just what my feet needed to be ready for the summer sandal wearing.


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