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Eyebrow Threading by Emily Gilson

TREATMENT: Eyebrow Threading

Threading has fast become one of the most popular ways to deal with unwanted hair. Using cotton threads, the hair is gripped and removed from the root. Most commonly used on the brow area, hair can also be removed by threading from the upper lip, chin, cheeks and full-face. Offering a kinder approach than waxing with no chemicals involved, threading is a quicker alternative which still delivers a defined and precise look. It is suggested that you get your eyebrows attended to every 4-weeks to maintain their shape, while resisting the temptation to pluck strays in the between.


I was greeted by my therapist Alicia, who took me through to my treatment room. The spa was very calming with soft music and low lights, which meant I could feel instantly at home. I was instructed to lay down and position myself so I was comfortable - I wouldn’t want to move suddenly and lose half an eyebrow! A pre-threading treatment was then applied to a cotton pad and wiped over each brow to ensure they were all clean and any strays were brought back into formation. Alicia then checked with me what shape I was after and if I had any preferences on areas that needed tackling most.

Having quite thin brows anyway after a previous bad experience of threading, I was keen to make sure not too much would be taken off (it had only taken me several months for my brows to get this big and I wasn’t prepared to lose them again). We agreed that Alicia would follow the natural shape of my brows and tidy the strays up.

My hands were then positioned around the brow area to hold the skin tight. Holding the skin taught enabled Alicia to reach even the smallest hairs around the eyebrow, while creating a clean arch and shape in the brow. With my eyes closed, Alicia set to work.  The process was relatively quick and painless - while a couple of strands proved more stubborn than others, it hurt no more than plucking your own brows and was over in 5-mins. (after repeated threading treatments, hairs are expected to grow back thinner and softer making them easier to remove)

A post threading gel was then applied to and around each brow to cool and soothe the area and I was done! I couldn’t believe how quick and easy the treatment was and yet my brows were exactly what I was after - a defined and natural look with all of my brows still intact. After applying make-up, I also found that having my eyebrows threaded meant my makeup products were gliding on much easier, with the skin being so smooth around my brows, my make-up looked softer and more airbrushed. A win win!

 Anyone looking to get their brows tamed or tidied should definitely try threading. The quickness of the treatment means it can even be squeezed into the busiest of schedules and yet still delivers the defined arch people are after.



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