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IPL, or in technical terms, Intense Pulsed Light; is produced by a machine to specifically treat unwanted hair growth on the body and face. Part of the ‘laser’ family, the light is a gentle way to treat the hair without causing damage to the skin. There is no down time, no burning and no redness following the treatment. Just make sure to apply an SPF to the area if uncovered.

So how does it work? The machine creates a high intensity light that flashes over the hairs on the skin through a crystal. The pigment (colour) of the hair draws the light down into the follicle (root) and this causes heat damage where the hair is at its strongest. This results in permanent, yes PERMANENT hair loss. You will however need more than one treatment to ensure that every hair is damaged in its growing stage and won’t grow back. We recommend between 6-10 sessions initially, then a yearly maintenance of 1-2 visits to the salon. Remember, every individual has a different hair growth pattern, so results may vary.

Who is the treatment aimed at? Everyone and anyone wanting to permanently remove hair from around the body, with every area treatable from the beard to the Brazilian. With amazing results, IPL can help to reduce common painful problems such as ingrown hairs, dark stubble that casts a shadow over the skin and the thickest most determined hair growth.

The machine used at SK, is created by the leading medical grade brand ELLIPSE, and is developed for use in hospitals and aesthetic clinics. With extensive research, the ELLIPSE IPL machine is the newest machine available, all singing and all dancing (we’re doing the dancing), our machine is head and shoulders above the rest.

What can you expect during treatment? Firstly, we ensure you have a patch test 24/48 hours prior to your session. This is a safety precaution to make sure your precious skin is happy with the IPL and to determine the setting that will suit your needs best (cost of patch testing is taken off your first treatment).

The area to be treated is then shaven by your therapist on the day, you must have at least 2mm of hair to allow the therapist to assess your hair growth, however, you can trim the hair right back before you come to the session. The reason you are shaved is to prevent the IPL light being drawn to the surface hair. We need the light to reach down to the root for maximum effect. A soothing Vitamin E Gel from SBC is then applied to your skin which has a cooling effect and assist’s the light on its journey. You will be handed some cool looking sunglasses which protects your gentle eye area, the crystal is then rested on the skin and away you go. With each flash of light your hairs will be gone in no time - results speak for themselves and you won’t be disappointed. We promise.

Say hello to summer with smooth silky skin and say goodbye to dark shadows, prickly legs, shaving rash, ingrown hairs, facial fuzz and of course the dreaded razor.  To make this even more appealing, if you buy a course of 5 treatments on the same area, SK will give you the 6th for free, what’s stopping you?!

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