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Lash Lift

by Bex Selway


Lashes are lifted right from the root, using a unique silicone rod to guide them. They are then set in place and tinted for more definition.


Milena my therapist began by cleansing my eyes, followed by the application of Collagen Pads over my lower eyelids. These helped to protect my lower lashes and deliver hydration throughout the treatment – they also had a lovely cooling sensation!

To begin the treatment itself, a silicone rod was placed over my upper lashes. As I already have long lashes, I was initially unsure as to whether this treatment was suitable for me. SK use Elleebana silicon rods, which are available in different sizes, to accommodate the vast array of lash lengths. This allows the therapist to tailor the treatment specifically to you, ensuring that the best possible results are achieved, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

lash-lift-tint 2

Once Milena selected a rod that was suitable for my lashes, it was placed on my upper lid, followed by an adhesive applied to the front side of it. The adhesive ensured that my lashes would be held in place, as they were gently guided back against the silicon. With my lashes now in a prime position, they were ready for the Lifting Lotion!

Milena gently dabbed the lotion against my lashes – again, a pleasant cooling sensation. Although, it did have a funny aroma, which was certainly bearable for the few minutes that it was on my lashes for! After the Lifting Lotion was removed, a Setting Lotion was then applied in the same way, to make sure that my lashes maintained their new shape.

The length of time that both lotions are left on for is another aspect which is tailored to the individual. If you happen to have rather stubborn lashes, which don’t like to be told what to do, the therapist will leave the lotions on for a little longer, to clearly deliver the message to them; that they will lift and they will stay there!

lash-lift-tint 3 

As your eyes are completely covered throughout this treatment, Milena kept checking that I was comfortable, especially when the different lotions were applied. Each time she made me laugh, I was only able to muster some sort of unnatural half smile, because I could feel the pads under my eyes creasing! Luckily, they wouldn’t have pinged off anyway, as they had a sticky underside! 

When the Setting Lotion was ready to be removed, the silicon rods were also carefully taken off my eyelids. The Collagen Pads were then replaced with a fresh pair, and this time my lower lashes were exposed, so that they would reap the benefits of the final step – tinting!

lash-lift-tint 4

Milena advised that I needed to avoid getting my lashes wet, and to not apply makeup on them for 48 hours. I must say, there’s something very relaxing about having a treatment that solely focuses around your eyes!

I initially reviewed the treatment the day after having it. Sitting at my desk with bare lashes, I felt that – for me personally, with already long, dark lashes – the treatment did not appear to have a big impact. Surely people with shorter, fairer lashes would see a better result the next day?

lash-lift-tint 5

However, roll on 48 hours, to when I could apply mascara, and oh my goodness! My initial feelings swiftly changed, and I realised that the Lash Lift had in fact made my lashes ‘behave’ more, and they felt as if they really wanted to stay lifted – I am usually fighting with them for some time with my mascara brush, to get them to look how I want them to. Applying mascara was now a breeze!

I have often wanted a treatment for my lashes but would not necessary opt for Extensions. I really do feel that the Lash Lift provided fantastic results, which simply enhanced my natural lashes!

lash-lift-tint 6

 *Photo above illustrates lashes after the Lash Lift + Tint Treatment, and then with mascara applied



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