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Pevonia Luminous C + Sea Facial by Emily Gilson

TREATMENT: Pevonia Luminous C & Sea Facial

The Luminous C & Sea facial is aimed at bringing dry and dehydrated skin back to life. Infused with Vitamin C, which is great for restoring health to damaged skin cells, combined with freeze-dried seaweed, the mask is designed to brighten and rejuvenate the skin and leave it looking brighter and firmer. Having recently returned off holiday where my skin got burnt and became very dry, I was recommended the facial and assured it would restore some of the damage that had occurred and leave my skin feeling healthier and smoother.


My therapist, Alicia, began with a facial cleanse to remove any makeup or dirt on the surface of the skin. Gently using cotton wool pads, a lotion was then applied all over my face to ensure the skin was clean. By this point I was already so relaxed and the facial hadn’t even started! Alicia then took a closer look at the condition of my skin using the Pevonia Skin Scanner. Using an ultra-violet black light, Alicia was able to pick up on what areas needed targeting most. As expected, my skin type came out as dry which meant Alicia could use a specific cream and lotion throughout the facial to tackle these issues.

An Enzyme Powder Mask was then put on the face to act as an exfoliator and then steamed to open up my pores, because of the dryness of my skin, I was recommended 6-7 minutes. Depending on the individual’s skin and what areas needed tackling, they may find they are suggested longer or less time. Once the mask was removed, Alicia manually tackled some obvious spots of congestion on my nose and chin to ensure all dirt at the top of my skin was now out.

Next the Phyto-Gel Cleanser was lathered onto my skin focussing particularly on the areas of clogged pores before being slowly taken off with a warm towel to remove any excess. This was then followed by the Vitamin C Serum, which concentrated largely on repairing damaged cells and resorting the face’s natural texture. The Freeze-Dried Seaweed was then slowly massaged into the skin, allowing time for it to be fully absorbed and brighten the skin. An Eye Gel was then applied and left to soak in with a cotton pad over each eye while the mask was then spread across my face avoiding my eye area. For someone who appreciated the smell of products, I loved the mask as it smelt just like the sea.

While the mask was left to harden, I was given a lovely shoulder and neck massage. This made my experience particularly enjoyable. The massage partnered with the soft music and scented products, made me feel super relaxed. Next the mask was removed and again any excess was taken off with a warm towel. The remaining lotion and serum where then massaged into my skin, along with the Eye Gel. Finally, a skin cream, which best suited the individual’s needs (in my case a skin cream designed to fight dry skin) is worked between the fingers across my face and left to soak.

The treatment then finishes off with a lovely hot towel neck rub - the perfect way to finish off an already relaxing treatment. Having never had a facial or any sort of spa treatment, I really didn’t know what to expect but this was an amazing first experience. I would recommend anyone to indulge and treat their skin to this luxurious and pampering treatment. Now a few days on, my skin is looking brighter and healthier and I am so pleased with the outcome. 

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