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TREATMENT: Micro-Pores Facial

The Micro-Pores™ Bio-Active Complexion Perfection facial is recommended for dehydrated, oily, combination and mature skin types with dilated pores and/or skin imperfections.

Also, for post-acneic skin and those suffering with light scarring.


I was greeted by my therapist Alicia, who took me through to the treatment room. The spa has such a warm and wonderful atmosphere, you instantly feel relaxed, bring on the facial! I have been using the Micro-Pores Skincare Collection at home for around 4 months now, and I am absolutely in-LOVE with it. So, it seemed only right to try out the NEW Micro-Pores Facial. I suffer with acne/oily skin and have done since I was about 11 years old. I remember the days of scrubbing my face so hard with Clearasil it would turn bright red, at the time I thought it was helping! So, I was very excited to try out this new facial. Alicia left the room, and I was left to remove my top and get cosy under the luxurious blanket placed on the bed. If only this could be a weekly treat! Once safely in position Alicia returned and talked me through the different steps of my facial and I couldn’t wait to get started.

First up, my mascara needed to be removed (why I didn’t think of this previously I don’t know) but Alicia was more than happy to take it off for me! Next up was the cleansing process, a foam like cleanser was applied to my skin to remove all makeup, dirt & impurities, followed by a lotion. Then an Enzyme Powder Mask was applied with a brush, it felt lovely and if I’m honest it smelt like a warm bowl of porridge (which I happen to love). Alicia then advised me she was going to place the steamer in front of my face, this would help to open my pores and about 3-minutes in, I could feel myself drifting off to sleep, it felt so lovely having warm wet air blow in my face! I genuinely wanted this part of the facial to go on forever…

After 10-minutes my time was up (Eurghhh) and Alicia wiped off the remaining mask with a hot cloth, which again was amazing! Next up was my favourite part, the extractions! Now I know some people don’t like this but honestly, it’s the best part of the facial! The steam has opened all your pores, and them little spots/blackheads are just waiting to be squeezed. My skin does get fairly congested, so I was excited for Alicia to extract spots that are in those hard to reach places.

Once the extractions were completed, Alicia followed with a cleanse & lotion, again to make sure all of the Enzyme Powder Mask is removed from the skin. Next up was the facial massage = pure bliss! Half an ampoule of Micro-Pores™ Bio-Active Complexion Perfection was gently massaged into my skin in slow movements. I want to know why it never feels the same when you do this to yourself at home? Anyway, it was soooooo relaxing and I could almost feel my skin drinking the ampoule up.

Alicia then applied some cooling eye gel and popped the Micro-Pores Facial Mask on with a brush. My skin welcomed the cold paste, and there it stayed for around 10-minutes. Another chance for me to catch up on some Zzzzz’s! After 10-minutes, Alicia removed the mask with a hot cloth, and patted the other half the ampoule into my skin. This was then followed by the Micro-Pores Face Cream, which I can tell you smells divine!

Once up, dressed and hydrated Alicia gave me a mirror to look in, and my skin looked incredible! So much brighter and healthier and for once in my life I feel like my skin has found some products which it loves and are really helping to make a difference to the texture, feel and look of my skin.

I can’t recommend this Micro-Pores Facial and SK Clinic + Spa enough!







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