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The C Word – Cellulite and How to Reduce It

The question we all want the answer to - Is there any way to minimise the appearance of cellulite?

The answer is YES!

Signs of Cellulite does vary in severity from one person to another, however some of the tell-tale signs are a puffy appearance, dimpled skin, uneven texture and poor circulation. Usually found on the thighs, buttocks, stomach and tops of the arms, Cellulite can affect men and women of any body size, weight or body structure.

There are many factors which cause cellulite, these include:

•        Free radical damage - found in the air around us and deteriorate our skin cells and their immunity

•        Poor diet – including alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods

•        Low levels of activity – this slows down our metabolism and circulation

•        Water intake - ensure you stay hydrated as this will help circulation and rids the body of toxins

•        Women’s hormone levels – these can intensify the appearance of cellulite as high levels of oestrogen can cause fat cells to enlarge causing water retention and lack of product usage


So, eat fresh healthy food, exercise, regularly exfoliate and drink plenty of water!

Green Coffee

There are however, ingredients we can use to further help reduce the appearance of the dreaded Cellulite. One of the best being Green Coffee. 100% pure Green Coffee is derived from Brazil and as the beans are un-roasted, they are fresher and therefore at their most active potential. 

Containing twice the amount of caffeine as standard drinking coffee, Green Coffee is naturally rich in chlorogenic acid, polysaccharides and proteins as well as essential oils which will smooth and enhance the skin’s overall texture, thus reducing spongy, dimply cellulite areas.


Body Wraps

Treatments which have had proven results tackling Cellulite are Body Wraps. They are surprisingly relaxing treatments, and results can be instant. With courses, Body Wraps can dramatically reduce the appearance of Cellulite.

The Cellulite Smoothing Green Coffee Body Wrap from Pevonia, stimulates the body’s ability to break down fat and transforms it into energy, increasing metabolism and eliminating water retention.


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