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By Lianne Robinson


Pevonia’s Lumafirm® Lift & Glow Body Wrap! Described as – “Deeply repairing, hydrating, smoothing and de-ageing, this luxurious wrap leaves every inch of your skin velvety soft while rendering your body visibly rejuvenated, instantly firmer and more toned” …yes, that sounds pretty good to me!

I was recommended the Lumafirm Body Wrap as a treatment to help me get ready for the festive party season. The words ‘tighten’, ‘brighten’ and ‘firm’ were being thrown around – can’t go wrong with that.


This was my first ever body wrap treatment as I have always preferred the idea of getting a massage, so I was curious to learn why someone would choose a wrap over a massage. Chloe greeted me and took me through to the treatment room, and explained that this Body Wrap incorporated products formulated to ‘tighten, brighten and firm your skin’, (those magic words again), whilst being a truly relaxing treatment. Now I am struggling to see how I ever overlooked over it.

I was left to strip down to those lovely paper knickers, get onto the bed and shimmy under the towels, (don’t worry all modesty is protected throughout the treatment). The hour-long treatment involved the application of 4 results driven products starting with the Lumafirm Body Elixir, which Chloe applied to my whole body. Once this absorbed Chloe massaged the Lumafirm Micro-Release Massage Gel into my skin, using firm, lifting movements – this combined with the Gel targets stubborn fat deposits (in my case lurking at the tops of my thighs). The massage lasted about 20 minutes (not long enough) and then it was time for the wrap. The Body Wrap product was applied all over, and then Chloe wrapped me in a plastic sheet, then towels and finally a blanket.



As you can see I was snug as a bug.  

This part was lovely and warm, and allowed my skin to absorb all the ingredients. Whilst I was wrapped up Chloe performed cocoon movement on my body and then I received a scalp massage – absolute bliss!

Afterwards I stepped into the shower to wash off the residue, dried off and laid back onto the bed for the final step of the treatment, which was the application of the Lumafirm Body Moisturiser.


The treatment basically acted as an intensive boost for my entire body, it looked healthy and toned, as if I had been going to the gym and drinking 3 litres of water every day for my whole life. My skin felt incredibly soft all over, and the results lasted about a week. My thighs were the real test – the texture had definitely improved, and they looked and felt firmer.

If I were to have the Body Wrap again I would do it right before a special occasion, or before a holiday, when I want to look by absolute best.


After the treatment, don’t bathe/shower until the next day to leave as much time as you can for the products to absorb properly into your skin.

To make your results last longer, you can try the Pevonia LumaFirm range at home. SK have the Lumafirm Body Moisturiser to purchase. 


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