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Your skin will love SK’s Plantomer Facial by Lianne Robinson


SK have an extensive menu of beautiful facials, and it can be quite daunting to decide which one will suit your skin. If you are unsure, give SK a call, or pop in – they can do a quick analysis of your skin, and advise to which facials are best suited for your skin type, and of course what you want out of your facials.

I have opted for the Plantomer Facial – I have been told it is very hydrating and perfect for sensitive skin. It’s that time of year when my skin feels quite dry - the plummeting temperatures, hot showers, harsh winds, and central heating are to blame!

The Plantomer Hydrating Facial is a soothing, nourishing, and calming treatment which visibly enhances the skin’s texture and maximises hydration and is suitable for all skin types – ideal! This refreshing, soft lift-off mask treatment combines the hydrating benefits of Seaweed with Propolis - a natural healing and desensitising substance, which is rich in natural antibiotics and Vitamin A.


My therapist Julie met me in reception and lead me to the consultation room where she had a quick look at my skin using the Pevonia skin scanner. The scanner uses ultra violet black light to effectively ‘see beneath the surface’ of the skin. There is a mirror, so you can see what the therapist is describing, Julie noticed there were areas of dehydration (which were pink), and congestion (orange dots), and confirmed the Plantomer Hydrating Facial is perfect for my skin. She also recommended the Anti-Free Radicals facial too – which sounded lovely – but that’s for another day…  

I was then taken to the treatment room and left to get comfortable. The treatment began with a facial cleanse and an eye cleanse, to make sure the skin is free of make-up and impurities, then a lotion is used to ensure the skin is completely clean.

An Enzymes Mask is applied, this smelt divine, that is, if you like oats. The Enzyme Mask works like an exfoliator, removes impurities, and brightens the skin without irritating it. The mask was left on for about 5 minutes, whilst my face was gently steamed, to open the pores, deep cleanse, and make any extractions easier. The mask was then removed, and Julie performed a couple of light extractions - not the most enjoyable part of the facial, but a necessity for the results.

(Extractions are the process of clearing a clogged pore and it is not unusual to have extractions performed as part of a facial.  Most people need at least a couple of extractions during each facial, Julie performed them manually, and only took a couple of minutes.)

 If you are completely put off by steaming and extractions, you can of course request not to have them as part of the treatment.

The next part was absolutely the most enjoyable – after another cleanse to remove any mask residue, propolis concentrate was massaged into my face. Julie performed a proper facial massage which helps to reduce sinus pressure, puffiness and fluid retention while promoting lymphatic drainage, whilst allowing the products to penetrate deeper into the skin. Julie explained that a thorough facial massage is the backbone of any good facial.

Now time for the Plantomer Mask itself. It’s a very cool mask, and feels like a thick gel when applied, which slowly turns into a rubbery texture, so it is easy to peel off once set. The mask takes about 10 minutes to set, and during this time, Julie proceeded with a wonderful neck and shoulder massage - 10 minutes just wasn’t long enough!!

The mask lifted off smoothly, then Julie used lotion to make sure all residue was removed. The remainder of the propolis concentrate ampoule was them massaged onto the skin, followed by a Pevonia Care Cream to suit your skin type, Julie used the dry cream on my skin.


My skin felt like silk after the facial, I was pleased to see there was no redness, my skin was completely soothed and felt hydrated. My skin’s texture was smoother and looked brighter. I can fully support the Plantomer Facial’s claim – ‘The Plantomer Facial renders the skin undeniably radiant with highly visible results’.

I would recommend this facial to anyone as it has so many uses and benefits:

  • Suitable for sensitive and hyper-sensitive skin
  • Perfect for congested skin – can calm breakouts
  • Skin with micro-circulation problems
  • Excellent for after sun treatment
  • It reduces redness and calms the skin
  • A popular facial for men
  • It provides an immediate cooling sensation
  • And of course, hydrates and heals the skin







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